Why are we introducing these changes? 

In 2019, we asked our parents and wider community in the Sutherland Shire what they wanted in a Catholic education. Feedback indicated parents wanted more choice in secondary schooling models in the Eastern Shire. This was also a great opportunity to increase our connection with parish and ensure our students are provided with a world-class, character building education, with state of the art facilities, co-curricular options and partnerships with local industry and universities. 

What is the precinct model and what are the benefits?

There are many benefits from the precinct model: Families will have the choice of attractive single sex and co-educational pathways characterised by strong Catholicity, parish connection and unique points of difference. Proximity and a strong collaborative partnership between the three Colleges will enable sharing of resources, facilities and specialist expertise that will benefit students, teachers and families. 

  • Teachers across the schools share expertise with one another.
  • Students will be offered broader curriculum and co-curricular options including sport, creative and performing arts with the opportunity to access courses, programs and initiatives across each school.
  • Dedicated learning, sporting, creative and performing facilities will be available for use by students from all Colleges.
  • Wrap around support services across the Colleges means students and their families are assisted in their times of need.

Our educational precinct also includes our feeder parish primary schools, St Aloysius Catholic Primary School Cronulla, St Francis de Sales Catholic Primary School Woolooware, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary School Caringbah and Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School Miranda. The primary schools work in partnership with the secondary colleges to ensure a continuum of education and a seamless transition into high school.

Why is it important to have a choice of school model?

Students are all different and the learning environment that benefits one child may not benefit another. The new precinct model allows parents to choose the best fit for their child, knowing that they will receive the same commitment to excellence, faith, character building and cocurricular options at any of the three Colleges. Our single sex schools will continue to be specialists in the education of boys or girls.

When will the changes be rolled out?

Applications for enrolment for 2024 are currently open for

  • Year 7 2024 (Cronulla) 
  • Years 7-11 2024 (Burraneer and Caringbah)

Applications for enrolment for 2025 are also open and can be submitted at any time for

  • Years 7-8 (Cronulla)
  • Years 7-11 (Caringbah and Burraneer)

Offers of enrolment for Year 7 will be issued from May 2023.

Applications can be uploaded using our online application to enrol form

By 2025, Caringbah and Burraneer will both be 7-12 Colleges.

Students will continue to be accepted into Cronulla in Year 11 and Year 7 each year until the school is fully Years 7-12 in 2027.


What is the enrolment process?

Applications are currently being accepted for Year 7 2024 at Cronulla and Years 7-11 2024 at Burraneer and Caringbah. Applications will be assessed in accordance with the Sydney Catholic Schools Enrolment Policy

There will be open days as usual in March 2023 for all three Colleges and applications for 2025 enrolments (Years 7–8 for Cronulla and Years 7–12 for Caringbah and Burraneer) are now open.

Applications for 2025 (and 2024 for Burraneer and Caringbah) can be uploaded using our online application to enrol form.

Applications for Year 7 2024 for Cronulla can be submitted via our paper form.

The Sydney Catholic Schools Enrolment Policy applies when prioritising applications.

What are the new offerings?

Eastern Shire Precinct

As part of the precinct model, all three schools will have access to the same learning, sporting, creative and performing arts offerings and facilities.


  • Facilities with flexible learning spaces to enhance contemporary teaching practises
  • Sports oval and boatshed with increased sporting opportunities like rugby, rowing and sailing
  • Creative and performing arts spaces
  • Working with universities and local businesses to create real world learning opportunities
  • New subject offerings linked to Gunnamatta Bay like Marine Science, Marine Biology and Aquaculture courses 
  • Individual pathways to allow each student to excel in their chosen area, including a real café staffed by hospitality and retail students.

Burraneer and Caringbah

  • The single sex schools will each have a refurbishment to allow them to take on HSC subjects
  • The single sex schools will have access to HSC specialist staff
  • The International Baccalaureate is being investigated as an option for both these schools

What are the fees?

As a Sydney Catholic School, our fees are subject to change each year. We will always strive to keep our fees affordable so a quality Catholic education remains in the reach of our parents. Support services and bursaries are also available to eligible families.

What do you mean by character building?

Developing character in our students is at the heart of a Catholic education as we seek to develop Christ-centred young graduates who are ready to live their faith and make a difference in the world. We strive to grow young people who are resilient, with a growth mindset, who see challenge as an opportunity. They are discerning critical thinkers who are engaged and motivated to achieve their personal best. Our students are committed to social action and understand their call to be of service to the broader community. 

What does working with business and universities look like?

Real-world learning and giving our students a head start with post-school qualifications (microcredentialling) is all part of preparing our graduates for the jobs of tomorrow. 

The College is exploring partnerships with local tertiary institutions for unique academic opportunities, such as our proposed Marine courses, and support graduates transitioning to tertiary education through working directly with universities.

When will we know if the schools will offer the IB?

Sydney Catholic Schools is currently investigating this option for our schools, which will give our graduates internationally recognised qualifications. As soon as a decision is made, we will let the school communities know and update this website.

My child will be starting Year 11 at De La Salle Cronulla next year – what does this mean for their learning?

It will be business as usual for them in Year 11 with their regular HSC specialist teachers. After 2023, Year 10 students at Burraneer and Caringbah will have the choice of staying on at their current schools or applying for a place in Year 11 at Cronulla. 

What will the leadership structure look like at the schools?

Our schools will all retain their current Principals, and there are now Deans for Mission and Deans for Years 7–9 and 10–12 for each school, overseeing the middle school, senior school and faith life of each College.

You can meet the College leadership teams here:

St Aloysius College Cronulla
De La Salle Catholic College Caringbah
Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College Burraneer

Will my child miss out on co-ed socialising opportunities now the single sex schools go to Years 11 and 12?

No – thanks to the precinct model, there are plenty of co-curricular and social opportunities for the students to mix, with shared opportunities in sports, creative and performing arts, specialist offerings like Marine biology, and immersion and outreach activities. We anticipate the relationship between the two single sex schools to be particularly strong.