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Executive Director’s Message

“At Sydney Catholic Schools, we are dedicated to providing excellence and affordability in Catholic education for our families in the Eastern Shire. We are excited to grow our thriving community providing families with greater choice of secondary schools, all working together in an educational precinct with a common strong commitment to excellence and faith. Our schools excel in character development, innovative facilities, and contemporary teaching and learning which prepare our students to flourish in the world of tomorrow.”

Tony Farley
Executive Director
Sydney Catholic Schools


Precinct Vision

Our vision is that Catholic secondary schools in the Eastern shire will be Thriving Catholic Communities through excellent teaching and learning. Families will have the choice of attractive single sex and co-educational pathways characterised by strong Catholicity, parish connection and unique points of difference. The three schools will create an interdependent learning precinct, with active sharing of teacher expertise as well as state of the art specialist learning, creative, performing and sporting facilities. The nurturing of student character is central to the pursuit of excellence and we also aim to provide them with rich co-curricular offerings  where they can pursue their passions. Families in the community are known and supported with wrap-around support services.

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Our Purpose

Sydney Catholic Schools is undertaking renewal of Secondary education in the Eastern Shire with the following objectives in mind:

We aim to provide the community with choice in Catholic secondary education for their children, proposing both single-sex and co-educational high school options. The greater choice would offers all students the social, emotional and academic benefits of co-education and single sex schooling from Years 7-12.

The development of character is fundamental to our pursuit of academic excellence and is at the heart of our teaching and pastoral care. We are committed to enabling young people to connect confidently with others, to be faith filled and to act with integrity – skills which will see them flourish in the world.

Proximity and a strong collaborative partnership between the three Colleges would enable sharing of resources, facilities and specialist expertise that will benefit students, teachers and families.  

The precinct model:

  • Becomes a focal point for Catholic families in the community characterised by strong collaborative partnerships between Parish and schools manifesting in greater Church engagement
  • utilises the depth of expertise and offerings across the three schools
  • reduces transition points so students’ needs are known and catered for and learning is seamless.

A flexible and innovative curriculum encourages curiosity, supports students to reach their full potential and develops lifelong learners. This could include a diverse range of pathways including tertiary and vocational options, pre-course credentialling, the International Baccalaureate, and partnerships with businesses and universities.

Increased sports offerings including access to elite sporting pathways, comprehensive creative and performing arts opportunities, expansive leadership, outreach and immersion experiences, and partnerships with businesses and tertiary institutions to create opportunities for students to find and grow their unique passions. 

Catholic schools in the Eastern Shire are renowned for tradition and academic excellence.  These provide strong foundations to expand our educational offerings and capitalise on the interconnectivity of our three campuses as well as partnerships with universities, businesses and industry to provide our young people with opportunities to grow into lifelong learners ready to thrive in a global community.

Our three schools have a rich Catholic heritage from the De La Salle brothers and Sisters of Mercy, and are characterised by strong collaborative service programs and partnerships between parishes and schools.

New, upgraded and dedicated sporting, creative and performing facilities would be available for use by students from all Colleges. Students will be offered a broader curriculum and co-curricular including areas specialisation including sport, creative and performing arts with the opportunity to access courses, programs and initiatives across each school.